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EuroComply is Easy, Effective Software to implement and understand the mandatory changes of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR comes into force in 2018 and applies to companies globally that target European citizens. This leaves little time to implement mandatory operational changes to be in compliance. 2018 may seem far away but implementing the breadth of changes introduced by 200 pages of legislation is a challenge . Particularly with the magnitude of risk at stake: fines of 4% of annual Worldwide Turnover or €20 million.

Our team of Renowned Data Protection Experts and Software Engineers has created a Software solution to manage the impact of the GDPR on your organisation and achieve compliance.


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    Self-Service Audit Software

    Our Self-Service Audit Software will guide you step-by-step through a Data Protection Audit of your entire organisation. The Audit reports provide an enterprise-wide view of the current state of compliance. The Audit Trails allow you to easily demonstrate the steps your organisation takes to meet the accountability principle of the GDPR.

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    Learn what you need to know

    Based on the answers provided in the audit, EuroComply's software provides suggested content to watch. These training videos contain theory as well as practical advice to learn the steps required to achieve GDPR compliance.

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    The practical steps and suggested best practices can now be implemented within your organisation. We also help you remediate any issues specific to your organisation.

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Enterprise-wide overview

Get an enterprise-wide overview of your current state of data protection compliance

Reduce the risk of fines

Reduce the risk of fines of 4% of annual worldwide turnover or €20 million

Meet the GDPR

Meet the GDPR accountability requirement by tracking compliance over time

Cut the cost of compliance

Cut the cost of compliance: reduce time spent and no more need to hire expensive consultants

Evaluate Privacy Awareness

Evaluate Privacy Awareness & Effectivity of current Staff Training

Assess 3rd party services

Assess whether third-party services used by the company may contribute to non-compliance

Easily communicate & demonstrate

Easily communicate & demonstrate of the current-state of compliance to all stakeholders

Identify problems in record management

Identify problems in record management, such as unencrypted sensitive data in unstructured files

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Effective Software Product to implement and understand the mandatory changes.